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Embracing the Faux: an ongoing series of collage paintings incorporating found frames

In 2008 I started to collect old frames. In the same year I started to fill them in with surreal landscapes, to paste sketches on there and fragments of poetry and copies of illustrations from pulp novels of the forties and copies of earlier paintings. I was also building up gel transfers and then painting under and into these. I think they end up being surreal dreamscapes that are gloriously garish and anti-art objects. 

"Men are Such Fools" is approximately 36 inches by 24 inches. This piece includes copies of images from my collection of dustcovers, softcover "pulp" novels of the forties anf fifties, stock cartoon imagery from a book on Cartooning, Popular Mecanix and a sketch in oil pastel that I made in 2007. The sketch was completed on the beach at Wernemunde in Germany. In the background is a photocopy of an image I took in 1976 in Panama City. It shows the building that houses the university swimming pool. 


"Embracing the Faux" is another large work completed in 2010. Here I've collaged gel transfers of images from my pulp collections, a series of small sketches from Petresburg, Florida and a background collage of the Carlsbad Caverns repositioned into the Mojave Desert. These last two gel transferred images are copied from postcards. 


"Head-quarters" is one of the first of the Found Frame Paintings. It is approximately 24 inches by 18 inches. It shows an image of a Drive-in Movie theatre near Cranbrook, B.C. and a Drive-in entrance from somewhere in the United States. This piece is sold to a friend in North Bay, Ontario. 


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