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Notches & Spirals


I've been making these four foot circular drawings since about 2009. They just seemed to happen. I wanted to simply make some simple (hopefully unique) thing that took a long time to produce. In an age when we are supplied with some much instant gratification, these objects are a gift of the maker's time. Each drawing takes me about 3 weeks to complete. I started by "perturbing" a simple spiral with small "notches". When I follow the notches I create the "illusion" of planar differences.

Over the years I have used pencils, highlighters, inks, and markers to create spirals that now include circular texts. All the drawings are on four foot squares of Arches paper.

Simple, calm images, I hope that they allow the viewer to move inward to meditative places of calmness and simplicity and also out to the infinite. But, for me, they are not exactly mandalas because there is no "spiritual guidance" implied or threatened.


Although this ongoing series arrived by way of my experiments into how to represent a topological (and theoretical) construct called: pseudoarc, they are dedicated to the great American artist, Agnes Martin.

I do now have a PRICING system for these works. For the 50.5 inch drawings "Notches and Spirals" I'm asking $900 for each framed work, plus any shipping and handling charges.

For the smaller works (Works from the two series', Planets in Curved Space and X-ray Spex) I'm asking $250 for unframed prints. 

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