A series of photographs called, The Spectator Series. The latter are all circular photos that feature the northern landscape and  vintage scale model figures. Most of the figures are 1:35 scale Airfix slot-car racing spectators. The landscapes are from various locations around the lakes of northern Ontario.


Digital Stills Gallery

Included here is a series of video stills that were reproduced for exhibitions by KilCEO and We Claim Anonymity called: Blackfly, Tearing Through Time Fields and Strive and Drift.


Copyright Collective Protected - All Artworks Copyright - Dermot Wilson

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The Woman and The Newshawk

The shores of a northern Ontario lake in Autumn. She stares directly at the viewer while the man with the papers decides whether or not to jump. 14 inch circle, giclee on Hahnemuhle, signed and dated. Price: $99.00 CAN